Justify Your Trip

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Tips to Secure Your MPT Expo Registration

Attending the Motion + Power Technology Expo can provide you with the skills to conquer obstacles and solve current issues challenging your project. However, gaining the approval from your supervisor is crucial to getting you to Detroit this October.

We’re here to help you justify the costs and explain to your boss how your attendance will directly benefit your company. We’ve created a template for you to fill out and send to your boss to get that approval you’re seeking.

The template outlines the benefits of the conference, as well as the value that you and your company will gain by participating. All you need to do is fill in the blanks and hand to your supervisor. It’s also important to schedule a face-to-face discussion to explain the value of what you’ll learn on site and how you’ll bring that knowledge and experience back to your current projects to make a positive impact.

Download Justification Letter Template

We also encourage you to do the following:

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead and find someone to cover for you while you’re in Detroit.

Set Goals

Set goals with your supervisor so your mission on site is clear to you both.

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a meeting upon your return to review the highlights of the conference with your colleagues.