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The Motion + Power Technology Expo is a three day show that connects professionals looking for motion power solutions with manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers.

Find new power transmission parts, materials, and manufacturing processes. Buy, sell, and get business done with organizations in aerospace, automotive, agricultural, energy, construction and more. Forge partnerships at one of the largest gatherings of CEOs, owners, engineers, sales managers, and other professionals in the electric, fluid, mechanical and gear industries.

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Produced by the American Gear Manufacturers Association, MPT Expo is one of the best places to find the latest in gear technology and expertise. With a focus on the future, is also a great opportunity to see the latest advancements in fluid power, electric, and hybrid technologies.

Why Attend?

New Ideas and Solutions.

End-users can shop the latest technology, gear products, and services from leading manufacturers. No matter your industry, you will find new ideas and solutions that can benefit your plant and company. Hundreds of exhibitors and attendees means MPT Expo is a unique opportunity to find partners that can help fulfill your specific production needs.

Why Exhibit?

Find Partners.

Find partners up and down the supply chain that are looking for manufacturers and suppliers like you. Some organizations will be searching for new ways to manufacture gears in their own plants. Others need specific production solutions that your business can provide. As a central location for all things gear and motion power related, MPT Expo is an opportunity to do business and forge partnerships.

The Expertise

Fluid Power

Pneumatic and hydraulic fluid power experts will showcase the latest solutions for accumulators, control valves, pumps, mobile hydraulic products, and more.

Fluid Power Expertise

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Electric Power

More and more products and industries are turning to electric power. This means precisions standards for components will determine manufacturing processes and business partnerships.

Electric Power Expertise

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With a strong history in gear technology, MPT Expo is a hub for experts and solutions in bearings, couplings, cutting tools, gearboxes, splines, machine tools and more.

Mechanical Expertise

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